Full Mouth Implant Reconstruction

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Transform Your Smile with Full Mouth Implant Reconstruction in Los Gatos, CA

Tired of dealing with loose dentures, messy adhesives, or embarrassing slips? Consider the benefits of Full Mouth Implant Reconstruction at Los Gatos OFS. A game-changer in oral healthcare, this procedure grants you the freedom to eat, talk, and smile without any worries. Dr. Lee R. Walker and his dedicated team offer you a solution that's not only durable and convenient but also incredibly natural-looking. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a confident, radiant smile!

What Exactly Are Full Mouth Implants Reconstruction and How Can They Help?

Full Mouth Implant Reconstruction employs four strategically positioned implants to secure a denture firmly in place. The beauty of this technique lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. With just one or two appointments, you can drastically improve your dental health and aesthetic appeal. Unlike traditional dentures, which may require creams and adhesives, these implants are low-maintenance and more secure. Additionally, most implants heal fully in about six months, allowing you to enjoy the long-lasting benefits.

Full Mouth Implant Reconstruction

How Are Implants Different from Other Teeth Replacement Treatments?

When it comes to teeth replacement options, there are several avenues like crowns and bridges you could explore. However, Full Mouth Implant Reconstruction offers a unique blend of stability and convenience. Unlike other treatments, these implants are anchored deep into the bone, giving them unmatched durability. This robust anchoring technique means you won't need frequent adjustments, reducing your visits to our Los Gatos, CA location and allowing you to live a more carefree lifestyle.

What Are the Advantages of Opting for Full Mouth Implants Over Other Treatments?

The primary advantage of choosing Full Mouth Implant Reconstruction is the natural-looking result it provides. Not only do they keep your denture from slipping, but they also support facial structure, improving overall appearance. Additionally, the procedure eliminates the need for uncomfortable adhesive strips and gels. This allows you to engage in social activities and relish your meals without any apprehensions.

How Can Full Mouth Implants Reconstruction Be Maintained and Cleaned?

Maintenance of your Full Mouth Implants is refreshingly straightforward. The implant-supported dentures can be removed for regular cleaning, just like traditional dentures. Plus, Dr. Lee R. Walker and his team will provide comprehensive guidance on how to care for your implants and dentures, ensuring they last for many years. A routine dental check-up at our Los Gatos OFS practice in Los Gatos, CA is also advisable to keep your implants in optimal condition.

Who's a Good Candidate for Full Mouth Implant Reconstruction?

The majority of patients who desire this treatment can safely proceed with the surgery. However, it's essential to have a healthy underlying bone mass for the implants to bond fully. If bone loss is detected, we may recommend bone grafting before initiating the procedure. Rest assured; we will discuss your health history in detail to determine if this treatment is suitable for you.

Full Mouth Implant Reconstruction

What Happens During the Procedure?

At Los Gatos OFS, patient comfort is a top priority. The procedure begins with a discussion of your sedation options, followed by the administration of the chosen sedative. Dr. Lee R. Walker will then make small incisions in your gums to place the titanium implant posts deep into the bone. The area may be sutured to facilitate healing. Over the course of three to six months, the implants will integrate with the bone, setting the stage for your new, specially crafted denture.

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Full Mouth Implant Reconstruction

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