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We know that oral surgery is intimidating. Whether you’re undergoing a standard tooth extraction or a more complex oral surgical procedure like jaw surgery to treat sleep apnea or an underbite, the entire process can be overwhelming.

If you need oral surgery in Sunnyvale, CA, you probably have quite a few questions, and you need to know that you can trust your oral surgeon to deliver the proper care for you.

That’s why at Los Gatos Oral and Facial Surgery, Dr. Lee Walker offers informative, patient-focused care. Just a short drive from Sunnyvale, you’ll have the ideal partner for your medical or dental procedure.

Dr. Walker will help you understand the entire process, from surgery techniques to the proper use of IV sedation and anesthesia, as well as aftercare/recovery tips.

Interested in our services? Read on to learn more about the maxillofacial surgery procedures we perform at our practice.

Sunnyvale Implant Dentistry

Missing a tooth? Looking for a permanent, long-term solution that doesn’t require specialized care? If so, implant dentistry from Los Gatos Oral and Facial Surgery may be right for you.

Implant dentistry is a great way to restore teeth that have been lost due to tooth extraction, accidents, or even periodontal disease and tooth decay. It’s a perfect alternative to other solutions like dentures or tooth bridges.

The installation of a dental implant is a two-part procedure. First, under anesthesia or IV sedation, Dr. Walker will remove gum tissue to install a small titanium post where your tooth used to be.

After surgery, the post will be left in place for three to six months. During this time, your mouth will heal, and the titanium post will become permanently bonded to the rest of your oral tissue, providing an ideal place for a dental crown.

This dental crown is machined to precisely mimic the size, function, and appearance of your missing tooth. In a non-invasive follow up procedure, Dr. Walker will permanently bond this false tooth to the titanium post, completing the implant process.

Because dental implants are permanent, require no specialized treatment, and help restore the natural appearance of your teeth, they’re a very popular choice when it comes to replacing missing teeth.

Sunnyvale Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you haven’t yet had your wisdom teeth removed, it’s best to consult with an oral surgeon to determine whether or not you should do so. The vast majority of people (85% or more, according to the ADA) have their wisdom teeth extracted.

Wisdom teeth usually come in between the ages of 20 to 24, long after the rest of your adult teeth have emerged. Unfortunately, this can lead to issues like impacted teeth, teeth shifting, and an increased risk of infection.

The wisdom teeth removal process is quite simple. Under sedation, Dr. Walker will numb your wisdom teeth and the surrounding tissue. Patients may also opt for general anesthesia, which will render them unconscious throughout the procedure.

The gum tissue around the tooth is opened up, and the tissue connecting the tooth to the bone is removed. The tooth may be extracted whole or reduced to separate pieces to make removal easier. The gum is then sutured, and the process is complete.

Aftercare usually involves using gauze to treat any bleeding, taking prescription pain medication for discomfort, and avoiding sharp, hard foods and drinking out of straws. Dr. Walker will provide you with comprehensive recovery tips following your procedure.

Sunnyvale Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea that cannot be treated by a CPAP machine or an oral appliance, your sleep doctor may recommend oral surgery as a potential solution.

Obstructive sleep apnea is usually caused by excess mouth or throat tissue. When your muscles relax during sleep, this tissue can “sag,” temporarily blocking your airway while you sleep.

Other causes of obstructive sleep apnea include major overbites, which can constrict airflow, and inflamed tonsils or adenoids.

At our oral surgery office in Sunnyvale, CA, Dr. Lee Walker can perform a large number of surgeries designed for sleep apnea treatment. By removing excessive soft tissue, moving the jaw, or repositioning muscles in the soft palate, you can get a permanent, long-term solution for your sleep condition.

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a highly specialized procedure that’s used in concert with dental implants.

Patients who have suffered advanced gum disease, are missing multiple teeth, or who have brittle or damaged jawbones may not be eligible for dental implants due to the weakness of their jawbone.

Bone grafting can be used to strengthen the jaw of these patients and allow them to undergo dental implantation. In a bone graft, a piece of bone—often from a pig or a cow—is inserted directly into the jawbone and surrounded by gum tissue.

Over time, this bone bonds with the proximal bone and tissue, providing a solid foundation for a dental implant. Interested in learning more about bone grafting? Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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